About Us

Bogd Bank aims to offer world-class banking services and redefine the banking standards in Mongolia
with a strong emphasis on technology and e-banking platforms.


Name of legal entity Percentage
1 Bodi capital LLC 91,32%
2 Bogd Capital Investment LLC 8,68%

Bogd Bank envisions becoming the prime corporate, investment, and private banking platform that offers the complete range of financial products and services employing the latest technologies while setting new standards in the Mongolian financial market.


Bogd Bank strives to finance the next wave of transformational businesses by promoting transparent relationship with its partners and clients.


A culture of excellence, entrepreneurship, and innovation define Bogd Bank’s values. Together with transparency and emphasis on long-term relationships, these founding principles are what differentiates Bogd Bank from the established stagnant competition.

Management Team

Bogd Bank has been working towards adopting the Corporate Governance Code of Mongolia into its operations.
The corporate governance framework of Bogd Bank is based on accountability on all levels from shareholders to
employees to uphold the highest standard of disclosure and transparency.

Bogd bank organization structure

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