Bogd Bank presents Salary loans, Household loans, Business loans for individuals and Corporates.

No. But we offer you our own funded loan products for buying Apartments or Private house. Press "click here" the terms & conditions.

We are providing salary loan with easy term repayment conditions to the employees of the cooperating organizations. With product terms Press here please go through.

Customer If your pay date falls on a weekend please make sure you pay on the day before weekend. If you have income in your current and card account, you can make a loan payment using mobile or internet banking on weekends.

No. Bogd Bank provides loan collateralized by moveable assets or immovable assets, salary income and cash assets. Salary income is applicable only for employees of the organization with cooperation agreements.

Yes. Information on savings services for Mongolian citizens residing abroad or foriegner Press here to download. You can place your deposit by acquinting with the special terms for deposit account dedicated to citizens residing in Mongolia. Detailed terms Press here to view.

Please access your mobile and internet banking account for all your account information.

If you want to receive timely transaction information about revenue and expenditure you can use message info service without any internet. You can use mobile app and internet banking to check balance, account statements, transfers, loan repayment and other payments.

We are providing current account service with 8 different currencies. Service terms press here to view.

Daily limit for domestic simple and salary card of Bogd bank at ATM is MNT 3 million, Daily limit for golden card user is MNT 5 million. If the daily limit for particular day is exceeded transaction will not proceed so please check the limit before the transaction. If your balance is sufficient enough or your transaction limit does not exceed, please check your card balance at the nearest ATM.

If you know your correct password, you can renew your password by contacting to our Call center at 75771199. If you don't remember your password, you should visit the nearest branch of BOgd bank with your documents and renew your password. Fee for renewing password is MNT 1000.

Case11: If the owner of Bogdbank's card is blocked by Bogd bank's ATM, we will check the documents of the card owner and will unblock the card.

Case2: If the owner of different bank's card is blocked by Bogd bank's ATM, you will have to contact your card issuing bank.

Case3: If the owner of Bogd bank's card is blocked by ATM of different bank, you will have to contact call center at 7577199. We will notify you whenever we receive or unblock the card.

You should renew your password again. Please visit the nearest branch of Bogd bank with your document and renew your card password by subscribing it again. Fee for renewing password of card is MNT 1000.

Yes. Please visit the online subscription section of internet banking of our bank.

We are collaborating with 6 international banks with 5 different currencies by SWIFT network of Bogd bank. Information Press here to view.

Bogd bank has its own POS machine and will install POS machine if you fullfill the certain requirements.

• Do you have other bank's POS machine

• You have to be abide by the Mongolian law and regulation, business activities are not to be contrary to the operations of the bank

• To be located in the the range Mobicom network

• Merchant must have 6 months of operation record.

• POS machine should be placed explicit within the range of security survalliance camera

• Must be prestigous among all the stakeholders and provides good quality products and services

• Must have sufficient and reliable electric resource to run POS machine

• Location of Merchant

• Must have sufficient financial ability to cover expenses for damage of POS machine e.g.

You can contact to our call center at 75771199 and subscribe the paper.

Our POS machine will read all kinds of domestic T cards, visa cards and unionpay cards.

Please check the balance of your card, if the if there is a withdrawal transaction, the issue can be solved by visiting the nearet branch of the card issuing bank and filling out the controversial transaction form and submitting it. The bank will resolve the issue by transfering the fund back according to the laws and legislations. If an existing customer, please contact to call center at 75771199 or please visit the nearest branch of the bank and fill out the controversial transaction form.

Yes. You can get the e-pincode or change the pincode of the card by visiting the nearest ATMs of TDB, UBCbank, NIbank, and Capitron bank.

Messages for per income transaction and withdrawal transaction is MNT 50, fee for checking balance is MNT 100. You can use message information serive to set the limit for transactions above the certain amount as well.

You can have the account information by sending a 2 digit secret code of message information service by texting to 138060 from your registered number at the bank.

Please visit and press the "forgot password" button under the "sign in". Please press on the send button by inserting correct username and e-mail address registered at the bank on section appeared. The new password will be sent to your e-mail address registered at the bank.

You can increase your daily limit of e-banking by visiting our branch with your document and fill out the form for products and services.

You are required to have password to make transaction using e-banking and you can make transaction using same password that you use to sign in the e-banking.

Large amount transaction made between banks before 4:00 p.m in the working day will be made within 2 hours. Therefore, large amount transaction made between banks after 4:00 p.m in the working day will be made next day.

Yes. You can download mobile application from Playstore or Itunes by searching Bogdbank. You can make any type of transaction by using Bogdbank's mobile application.